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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

How To Prevent Windows10 From Updating Itself Over Your Home Wireless Connection

Windows updates are important, and the updates of Windows10 are not in any way less important. But sometimes those updates might not be too friendly with your family budget for internet data. But the fact is, Windowss10 automatically updates itself whenever you are connected to a wireless connection. So to prevent Windows10 from updating itself whenever you are connected to your home wireless connection or to a wireless connection that you do not want to use for such updating, then do the following...

  1. After you have connect to the wireless connection, open the Settings of Windows10 and click/select the Network & Internet option.

  2. Next select the WiFi option and click Advance option which is under the list of available or the WiFi you are connected to.

  3. Finally toggle On the Set as metered connection button which is above the properties of the wireless connection you are connected to and exit out.

After you have follow through the steps outline above, Windows10 will never use that wireless network to update itself again provided that nothing about that network change.
That is, if you make a change to the network name or password, then you will have to re-tell Windows that not to use it to it to update or else Windows10 will use it. But if nothing in the network change, then Windows will never use it to update itself.

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