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Monday, June 13, 2016

Event Retelling Not Always Accurate

You should be very careful as to how to respond to report made to you because retelling of an event is and might not be always accurate. This is due to the fact that the individual retelling the event might unintentionally use some words that will overly distort the negativity or positivity of the event.

Take for example, two friends ended the discussion with a very loud argument, when one of them wants to retell what happen to you, he might say: "I was just trying to help him realize that what he did is not palatable with me and he was there making a lot of noise trying to prove himself right." With this statement, you might easily conclude the the one making the report to you was politely trying to make a point and the other refuses to accept. But might not necessarily be the case.

Perhaps the way the friend (who is telling you what happened put the matter to the other friend made him to draw to a defensive mode. Thus the friend is not polite as his report make him seems.

The Main Point
Be very careful with the way you respond to s report. Because the way the report is made might distort what really happened, this does not mean that the person making the report intentionally frame it that way, it might just be Grammar Usage.



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