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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

DirectX | An Instrument Microsoft Is Using To Force People To Upgrade Their OS

Staying up-to-date is good. And upgrading your Windows operating system is not discouraged by us. But we just feel it will be nice to let you know of this fact/benefit of upgrading your Windows.

Many of use love the ideal of playing games with our PC. But the fact is, Computer is not a game console, but Windows does allow/enable us use our computer as a game console. The secret is DirectX. Note: DirectX is not only for games. Many other software need it so that they can run efficiently. So it is highly recommended that you keep the DirectX  in your computer up-to-date. And that is where Microsoft is using as an instrument, to force you to upgrade your Windows version. How do we mean?

After the release of version 11.1 of DirectX, Microsoft have decided that they are will no longer be providing a stand-alone package for the DirectX program. Thus, the version of Windows you have will determine the version of DirectX that your computer will have.
For example, DirectX version 11.3 is a included in the Windows10 package, and since there is no stand-alone package for it, you will not be able to run this version of DirectX in a lower version of Windows OS. Thus Microsoft is indirectly say that, if you seriously want a more recent version of DirectX, then you seriously need to upgrade the current version of the Windows OS in your computer.

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