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Tuesday, June 14, 2016 Gives Website User The Opportunity To Choose Which Type Of Ad They Want To See.

Many, and we mean, Many online users hates ad, because they say, ‘Most times those ads are not Family Friendly.’ It is true. But the fact is, website owners depend on advertisers in order to monetize their content without you the users paying directly. But this does not mean that you have no control over the type of ads you see on the web, you (a website user) do.

You see, many website owner that monetize the content through ads, most time work with what is call Ad Network. is one popular ad network. So if you are in a website where its owner uses ad services to monetize their website, here is what you can do to tell that you want to see “Family Friendly” ads, regardless of which type of ad the website owner told to serve to it site.

Step 1: Click the question mark on the right hand corner of the ad box. The question mark looks similar to the image below.
Step 2: Check “Only recommend family-friendly content” in the box that appears and exit out. The box will look similar to the one below.

Once done, will start displaying ‘Family Friendly’ or ‘G’ rated ads to you.
Note: this settings will apply only to the device you set it on. And also, if for any reason you clear the cache of your browser, this setting will also be cleared out.



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