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Thursday, June 16, 2016

An Online Monetization Option You Should Consider.

One great thing about being a online publishers is that you can make money from your audience without them paying directly. Just place an ad code from an ad network to your website and you will start earning. That is great. But not great for those who do not have a blog or website. This does not mean that if you have blog or website then this is not for you, it is, but it is basically written for those without.

The Online Monetization option we are talking about is the Direct Link Monetization option provided by to its publishers.

With this monetization option from Adcash, publishers are given a link, instead of an ad code to promote. And since it is just a link, it can be placed anywhere you can think of: in a chat massage, social media updates, and for those that have a blog or website, you can embed the link to any image, or text of your choice.

When a user clicks on the link, whether it is within some text or behind an image of flash/gif that you have made yourself, the Adcash adserver automatically selects the best campaign landing page for the user to reach, so you always make as much money as possible.

The Bottom Line
The Online Monetization Option we are recommending you to consider is the Direct Link Monetization option which is provided by Adcash. We recommend this to you because the option allows you to monetize virtually any type of traffic available to you.

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