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Monday, June 20, 2016

Adding Multiple Space When Coding A WebPage

One major challenge for web designers/developers is that they cannot add more than one space between word(s), but not anymore. This article will reveal what you can do to combat this challenge.

Look at the image above again. Do you think that is a code? YES! It is. It is the code that will enable you add multiple space between words when coding. As you may already know, pressing the spacebar in your keyboard once insert a single space between words, but pressing the spacebar multiple time or more than once will not mean that the space will double.

But putting this code   twice will insert double space between words, in the same manner, if you type in this code three or four times in between two words, then the space between those words will be three and four respectively.

In the Code View
The space  between   this    words          keep           multiplying

Design View or Web Browser
The space  between   this    words     keep      multiplying

As the code view stipulate, it is not necessary to write everything in clusters, you can separate them. And you should also note that once you insert this code in between words, it overwrite the separation by spacebar so (come   now) in the code view will not add three space but one. 

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