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Friday, June 17, 2016

Add Your Own Command Group To The Ribbon Of Microsoft Office Word 2010

Did you know that you can add Command Group to the Microsoft Word 2010 before? If not, we are telling you now that, it is possible. And the guide below will show you how to do it thereby proving this fact to you. In order to make the guide easy to follow, the guide will show you how to add a command group which we will title Optional to the Home tab after the Font command group in the Ribbon.

Adding your own custom command group to Microsoft Office Word 2010
  1. Right-click on any part of the Ribbon and click on Customize the Ribbon in the menu that will appear

    Or click the File button in the Menu Tab section of the Ribbon and click Option in the left panel
  2. Next select Customize Ribbon in the left panel of the Word Option window that appears.
  3. Next expand the Home which is in the Main Tabs box in the left section, and select Font.
    Click to enlarge
  4. Next, click the New Group button which is among the option below the Main Tabs box, and a New Group (custom) will appear below the Font group of the Home tab.
That is it. The new group have been created, now it is time to rename the group and add commands to it.

Rename the group
  1. Right-click on New Group (custom) and click Rename in the menu that appears.
  2. In the Rename dialog box the appears type in the name you want in the Display Name text box area, you can also choose and Icon for the group in case you minimize the Word Window, and click OK. Note (custom) will still appear alongside the group name you type, this is to remind you that that group is not a default group, but do not worry it will not show in the main Word window.

Add Commands To The Group
  1. Select the Optional group (or the name of the group you specify above)
  2. Select a command from the Choose commands from: box
  3. Next click the Add>>> button which is between the Choose Command from: box and the Customize the Ribbon: box. Repeat the process for all the command you want to add to the group.
  4. Finally click OK when you are done.

That is all. Your own custom command group will now appear among the default group in the Home tab.

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