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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Add A Nickname To Your Names In Facebook Using Your Smartphone

This guide will teach you how to include a Nickname to your Facebook account without affecting your First and Last name you provided when registering or creating your Facebook account/profile.

To add a Nickname, do the following:

  1. Visit your Facebook profile page or your Facebook Timeline

  2. Next tap Update Info has shown in the image below
    Click to enlarge

  3. If you have not fully updated your profile before now, Facebook will prompt you with the one needing update, tap View Profile so as to continue with our tutor.

  4. Next scroll down to the OTHER NAMES section and tap  Add a nickname, a birth name… as shown in the image below
    Click to enlarge

  5. Next choose Nickname in the Name Type option list

  6. Typing in what your nickname is in the Name text area

  7. Next Check the Show at top of profile radio button if you want the nickname to be shown alongside Your Facebook name. If you do not check the Show at top of profile radio button, the nickname will not appear alongside your name but if your Friend search for you using your nickname Facebook is going to show you to them in the search result.

  8. Finally click Save as shown in the image below.
    Click to enlarge

That is all.

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