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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Your Facebook Account Can Be Hack If You Click The Share On Facebook Button_HOW?

Facebook is loved by millions, even billions of people are actively using the services Facebook provides each month. This have made so many businesses turn to Facebook for their campaigns. But not only business are seeing the potentials of Facebook, bloggers and website owners are also making good use of Facebook. One of the way they do this is by integrating the popular Share on Facebook button to their articles so that readers can share those articles of their Facebook Timeline.

This is good, but there are always those that want to use every opportunity to exploit people, they are the ones we call hackers. Those who want to steal you Facebook account. They are using this Share on Facebook button to accomplish this their wicked aim, and you need to know how they are doing it.

The way they do this is by camouflaging Facebook login page so that when you click the button you will be taken to a False Facebook Login page. And when you type in your login credentials you are directly sending them to the hacker, since it is not a authentic Facebook login page.

To avoid the, it is highly recommended that if you do not trust the website you are reading article from, then do not click on the Share article of Facebook button. But if for any reason you still want to share the article then before you click the button, first open a new tab and type in the original Facebook website address which is or and login from there first after which you can click the Share (article) on Facebook button.
When you click the button, if it is authentic (the real Facebook share button) Facebook will recognize that you are already signed in so it will post it automatically, but if it is not authentic, then it will take you to a false Facebook login page.

So be very careful with which link you use to login your Facebook account, it is better to first login from the authentic Facebook website address which are or than to login because you click a share button, because if that is the case it might be that you are handing to a hacker your Facebook credentials.

The Main Point/Recommendation
We are not saying that all Facebook share button on the internet is fake, no, majority are not, especially when it is found on a credible website like ours. But in order for you to be on the safe side, we recommend that before you click the share button, open a new tab, and login from the official Facebook website then go back and share. Because then if you are taken to any other Facebook login page, you should know that it is fake.



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