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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Your Computer Especially Your Browser Can Be Hijacked. Learn To Prevent It Now.

Breaching the security software and Firewall of computers especially computers that are up-to-date is becoming more and more difficult this days. Thus a new strategy is being use to hijack computers. This strategy is 'Getting PUPs into your computer'. This PUPs which means Potentially Unwanted Programs most times are malware that changes some of your settings like your browser search engine preference and much more, when they are in your computer.

The reason why PUPs is proving to be effective is because they are not in your computer through illegal means rather, they are because you install a software which they are attached to as additional offers. For example, after you install program A you find out that a Toolbar have been added to your browser. Often at times this additional program offers are hidden, well hidden that unless you look carefully to see if there is any and say NO to them, you are in effect say YES, install them along with the main software.

One way to prevent this is to avoid getting a software from downloading website when possible,  instead use the official website of the software. This is because, most times the owner of a software are not the one including the additional software (PUPs) to their program, rather, it is the download site that wrap up those additional program to the one you are downloading. So make sure you are downloading from the right place.

This does not mean that the owner of a software will not or cannot include PUPs to the software, they can. The extremely watchful during installation so that you can see and uncheck those those additional software from being installed. To do this, always use the Custom or Advanced option or whatever it is called rather than using the default or recommended option for installing a software. When you use the default or recommended, the installer will install everything to you computer, but if you use the Custom of Advanced you will be given the choice of what to install.

When that happens, carefully examine each choich and keep an eye on anything that looks like it’s offering software that is unrelated to whatever it is you’re downloading or installing.

The Main Point
Your computer especially your PC browser can be hijacked if you download and install a program along with their additional software offer (PUPs). So always be watchful of:
•    Where you download
•    What you are downloading
•    And what you are installing.


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