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Friday, May 27, 2016

Will It Be Wise For Me To Re-share My Friend’s Facebook Status, Photos and Video Updates?

Well the answer depend mostly on you. But there is something that can help you decide and that is the Audience your friend have specify to see the post.

This is what we mean, when your friend specify that only a particular people should see their Status, Photo and Video post, then re-sharing that post will not make Facebook go against the wish of the owner of the post.

Let’s take an example:  Your friend Linda post and Status or Photo or Video and specify to Facebook that only those in her school friend list should be able to see the post. Fortunately for you, your are among the people in her school friend list and so Facebook shows you the post. When you saw the post you decide to share the post on your timeline but unfortunately for you, none of your friends are in the Linda’s School friend list as you were, if you share the post then nobody or none of your friends that visit your Timeline will be able to see that post you re-share since they are not in the School friend list of Linda.

The Main Point
If your Facebook Friend posts a Status or Photo or Video to a specific group of people, you re-sharing the post to your timeline will not make Facebook allow the post to be visible to anyone who is not in the group your friend as specify. 

So for you to decide if it will be wise for you to re-share your friend’s Facebook Status or Photo or Video updates/post you should first consider or find out if your friend as place a restriction to the Facebook audience that can see the post, or if the friend share the post to public.



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