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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Why Tell Facebook Who Your Close Friends Are

If you have a close friend offline, and the person is also your Facebook friend, then do not hold back from telling Facebook about them, tell Facebook that they are your Close Friends. Why do this you may wonder? Here is the reason.

Most times, the reason why you may consider someone as your Close Friend is because you enjoy the person’s companionship, so if you tell Facebook that someone is your Close Friend, Facebook will then adjust your News Feed algorithm so that their post will be prioritize and thus you will see their most popular posts first before others, also Facebook will make you see more from them than from others so that you will not miss a thing from them.

More also Facebook will send you a notification each time they make a post. So you see, when you tell Facebook who your Close Friends are, Facebook will make sure you do not miss a thing/post from them.



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