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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Who Is A Farmer

Put simply, a Farmer is someone who manage or carryout farming related activities, which includes the cultivating of crops and the rearing of life stocks/animals. But most times, a Farmer is referred to as the owner of a farm while employees in the farm (those who carryout the actual farming activities) are call farmhand or workers.

However, not all who farms or own a farm are called farmers. This is because there are more distinctive term which are used to denote or refer to farmers who specialize in a specific form of farming. For example, someone who rear/raise grazing livestock such as cattle , sheep, goats, and horses , are known as Ranchers or Graziers, while those who raise Sheep are referred to as Shepherds.

The Main Point
A Farmer is someone who engage in any form of farming activities, and or who owns and manage a farm. Or better still, a Framer is someone who is not specialized or those not restrict his/her farming scope to a specific aspect of farming.



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