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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

When To Call Professionals When Handling Threat Or Harassment Via Twitter

It is true that Twitter is dedicated to your safety when you use their services. And because of this, Twitter has setup and is maintaining a team referred to as Twitter Safety team.

But the fact is, there are other Twitter users that just want to make trouble. If you are a victim of an harasser or someone is threatening you through Twitter, do not hesitate to report it to Twitter. But the truth is, if after the Twitter Safety team have investigates your report and find it to be true, the only thing they can do to protect you is to block the harasser or the one threatening you from reaching you, or even worst, remove the person's tweets of profile. That is all they can do.

So if the person harassing or threatening you via Twitter seems to be doing that not because of personal conflict, but seems bent on deploying/carrying out their threats or harassment whether via Twitter (online) or not (offline) it is highly recommended that you should not only rely on the Twitter Safety team, they cannot protect you offline, so take the matter/issue to your local law enforcement agencies immediately. Because they might be the only ones in the best position to assess the threat and intervene or assist as necessary.



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