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Friday, June 10, 2016

What Is The Start Menu Of Windows 7

Put simply, the Start Menu of Windows 7 serves as the main entrance or gateway to the content of a computer, which includes the computer’s programs, folders and files, and settings.

It is probably called menu because is it appears or provides a list of items from which you can make your choice from. Also it is referred to as Start probably because it is most times the place you will be more likely to go to when you want to start open a program or folder or files.

The appearance of the Start Menu of Windows 7 may varies slightly depending on your computer type or the theme you are using. But typically, there are three section of the Start Menu of Windows 7 and these are: 

The left pane, which display a short list of programs installed in your computer along with a button titled All Programs which displays the complete list of program. 
The second section of the Start Menu of Windows 7 is the Right Pane which serve as an access point to folders, files, settings and other features of Windows 7 Operating System (OS). 
While the last section is below the All Programs button in the left section, this section holds a search box which allows you to look for programs and files in your computer by typing their appropriate search terms.

Finally, to open the Start Menu, click the Start button which is in the far-left of the task bar, or you can also open the Start Menu by pressing the Windows logo key in your computer keyboard.

The Main Point
The Start Menu is the gateway to the content of your computer, because it holds the complete list of programs, files and folders in your computer. And also, it help you perform other functions like, locate a file you could not remember where you save it and much more.



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