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Thursday, May 12, 2016

What Is Screen Resolution

In computing, Screen Resolution is the setting that determines the clarity of the content displayed on your computer screen/monitor. It also determines the amount of items which your computer screen can display. For example, if your computer screen/monitor resolution is high, then the items that are displayed in the screen will be sharper but smaller so that more items can fit on the screen. This means that if you monitor is of a lower screen resolution, then the items will appear larger, but the items which your monitor will be able to display will be few.

Screen resolution is calculated in pixels and ranged from 800x600 to 1440x900, depending on the resolutions which your computer monitor supports. But the fact is, the larger the monitor the higher the resolution it will supports. So whether you can increase your screen resolution or not all depends of the ability and size of your monitor.

The Video card that comes with your system unit (CPU) also exerts a great influence of your monitor’s screen resolution.

The Main Point
In computer, Screen Resolution is what determine that amount of items your computer monitor can display and how clear those items will be.



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