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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

What Is Microsoft Excel Formula

Microsoft Excel is a great tool when it comes to documenting report. This is majorly because of its embedded pivot table. But in summarizing or presenting the data in a spreadsheet in Excel, one needs to make use of formula.

What does the term Formula mean in Microsoft Excel?
Put simply: Excel Formula are expression which are used to calculate/evaluate the value of a given cell or range of cell in the spreadsheet.

How do we mean? True, Excel can perform mathematical calculations, but Excel will not perform those calculations without it being told to do so. Hence Excel Formula is used to tell Excel which cell(s) in the spreadsheet to calculate/evaluate and which type of evaluation/calculation should be carried out on the value(s) of those cells.

These Formula are written in the cell where a/the user what Excel to display the result of it calculation/evaluation. And Excel Formula are mostly preceded by an equal to (=) mark. When Microsoft Excel identifies a cell entry as a formula, it will carryout the calculation/evaluation and then displays the result of it’s calculation/evaluation in the cell the formula is enter, instead on the actual formula.

The Main Point
Microsoft Excel Formula are expression which Excel recognize as a command for it to  perform a certain mathematical calculation/evaluation on a given cell or range of cell in a spreadsheet.
Microsoft Excel formula are mostly preceded by an equals-to mark/sign (=).



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