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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Two Ways Facebook Display Stories/Posts From Your Friends, Page and Group In Your News Feed

Facebook News Feed is the place where updates and stories posted by your Facebook friends, Page you like and groups you are a member of appear. There are basically two ways Facebook use to show you these stories in your News Feed. They are: Top Stories and Most Recent stories.

Top Stories: This is the default way Facebook uses. If stories appear on your Facebook News Feed based on the Top Stories settings, it means that the stories you are seeing are the ones which are the most popular post/stories from your friends, Page or group. And or post with the most recent activity on them. Like post/stories with recent comments, shares or likes on them.

Most Recent: In the Most Recent category, posts/stories are shown to you based on their published date. In that, posts or stories with a more recent published date appears first in your Facebook News Feed. Changing from Top Stories to this setting is temporary. This means that if you are scanning through stories or post in your Facebook News Feed on their there most recent order, at the long run, Facebook will start to show you post based on the Top Stories category again.

This is done mostly when the post for the day has been done with.

The Main Point
The two ways Facebook display stories from your friends, Page and group in your News Feed is based on the Top Stories and Most Recent category.
The Top Stories category display post based on the post/story popularity while the Most Recent category display post based on the date and time the post/story was posted/published.



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