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Monday, May 16, 2016

Turning On The Vertical Ruler Bar Of Microsoft Word 2007 Window.

Though by default, the vertical ruler bar appears alongside the horizontal scroll, but you will/may agree with us that sometimes programs do malfunction. So if for any reason you discover that the vertical ruler bar of your Microsoft Word 2007 window is not showing but the horizontal ruler bar is showing, then follow the guide below to fix it.

  1. Click the Microsoft Office Button, and then click the Word Options button located at the bottom-right of menu it displays.

  2. Next click Advanced, in the left section of the Word Options dialogue box it displays.

  3. Then scroll down the Display section, and check the box before the Show Vertical ruler in Print Layout view.

  4. Finally, click OK at the bottom of the dialogue box to apply and make the change take effect.

Once done, the vertical ruler bar will appear/reappear in the Microsoft Word 2007 window alongside the horizontal ruler bar. But if you later do not want to be seeing the vertical ruler bar, follow the step above again but this time uncheck the box by the side of Show vertical ruler in Print Layout view, as outline in step 3 above.

The Main Point
The Vertical Ruler Bar that appears in Microsoft Word 2007 can be removed without affecting the horizontal ruler bar. The steps above is designed to help you reactivate/turn on the vertical ruler bar if it is not showing.



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