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Saturday, June 18, 2016

The NETWORK LOCATION Of Windows 7 OS_ What It Means

If you are using a computer that runs on Windows 7, you will notice that anytime you connect to a network that is new, you will be asked to choose a Network Location for that network. If you wonder what that is, this article is design for you.

The term Network as you may already know refers to a group of computers and other devices connected together for the purpose of sharing information, while the term Location is defined as a particular point or place in a physical space.

Tallying the two word/term together makes us to understand that the term Network Location as used by Windows 7 OS means that you should choose the location (particular point or place) where the network you are connecting to is located.

The option provided for you to pick/choose from which are: Home network, Work network, or Public network proves that the definition given above is an appropriate one for the term Network Location.

The Main Point
When you connect to a network and your Windows 7 OS is asking that your choose a Network Location for the network you are connecting to, they are asking you to choose the particular place where the network is located.

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