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Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Hints Docker Group Of My CorelDraw X3 Is Not Showing. How Can I Fix It?

By default, the Hints Docker group is shown alongside the color palette in the CorelDraw X3 window, but if for any reason it is not showing, follow the guide below to re-enable to Hints Docker group.
  1. In the Menu bar click Help
  2. Next, select Hints from the dropdown menu that appears.
Once done, the Hints Docker group will appear, displaying information about the active tool in the toolbox.

You can also re-enable the Hints Docker group by:
  1. Click on Window from the Menu bar
  2. Hover your mouse on the Docker option in the dropdown menu that appears
  3. Finally click on Hints in the Docker sub-menu that appears.
And the Hints Docker group will appear.

Note: Performing this steps again after the Hints Docker group of CorelDraw X3 has appeared will hide it again.

The Main Point
The steps outlined above is what you can do to make the Hint Docker group of your CorelDraw X3 which was not showing to start to show again.



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