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Friday, June 3, 2016

The Functions Of A Facebook Group Moderator

The following are the things a Moderator to a Group in Facebook can perform:

  1. If the Admin of the group have stipulated before anyone can become a member of the group, the individual will first have to make a request, then the Moderator have the ability to approve or reject any membership request made. In other words, the Moderator can Approve or deny membership request made by someone who want to become a member to the Group.

  2. If the Admin as also turned on members post review, then the Moderator can approve or deny a post made by members of the group.

  3. The Moderator can also remove posts or comment made to post.

  4. The Moderator has the ability to Remove and also block people from the Group to which he serves as a Moderator to.

  5. Pin and Unpin post in the Group Feeds is also something a Moderator can do.

  6. And finally, a Moderator and view the message of the Support inbox of the group.



  1. what is the difference between a moderator and an admin of the group?

    1. The answer you seek in found here >>> <<< #Pinfoltd


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