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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The Different Parts/Section of Microsoft Word 2007 Window

The following are the names of the different parts/sections of Microsoft Word 2007 and some of their functions

Office Button: Located at the top left of the MS Word 2007, the office button is what replaced the File menu of earlier version of MS Word. It is used to perform basic operations like open, save and print a Word document.

Quick Access Toolbar: The Quick Access Toolbar contains a set of commands that you can access regardless of the tab that is currently displayed, this is because the Quick Access Toolbar is independent of tabs. The Quick Access Toolbar is fully customizable, this means that you can add or remove commands from it. Though by default the Quick Access Toolbar appears above the Ribbon beside the Office Button, you can relocated the Quick Access Toolbar.

Title Bar: Located at the top of the MS Word 2007 window and span from the right to the Quick Access Toolbar, it contains the name of the document you are currently working on and the name of the program along with the Minimize, Maximize and Close button.

Ribbon: In Microsoft Word 2007 the Ribbon is used to replaced the Menus and Toolbars in earlier versions. The Ribbon is what contain the complete commands required to work with MS Word 2007. The commands are organized logically arranged together in groups which are placed under tabs. But to reduce clutter in the list of tabs, some tabs are set to show up only when they are needed.

Ruler Bar:  The Vertical and Horizontal rulers are use mostly for text, graphics, tables alignment. It is also used to display the measurement of page. It is located under the Ribbons and at the extreme left of the MS Word 2007 window under the Ribbon.

Text Area: Just below the Horizontal ruler bar is a very wide white area. That space is called Text Area. This is where you type/prepare your document is Microsoft Word 2007. The blinking vertical line in the Text Area is cursor, and it marks the insertion point for both text and image in the document. This means that as you type, the text will appear/display at where the cursor is located.

Scroll Bar: By the far-right of the Microsoft Word 2007 window, immediately below the horizontal ruler bar is the Vertical Scroll bar, while the horizontal scroll bar which is located above the status bar are used to scrolling through the page and section of your document. The Vertical Scroll bar is used to scroll to the up and down of the document while the Horizontal Scroll bar is used to scroll to the right and left section of the document. The Horizontal scroll by default appears only when needed. This means that if the Text Area is not wider than the screen then the Horizontal scroll bar will not be visible.

Status Bar: The last section of the Microsoft Word 2007 Window is the Status Bar. It is located at the bottom of MS Word 2007 window and some of the information it displays are: the number of pages in the document, the current page you are viewing, the amount of words in your document, if there is any spelling or grammar error(s) in your document, and much more.

The Bottom Line
Microsoft Word 2007 window refers to the different sections that are displayed when a user launch or open the MS Word 2007 program.
There are eight different section in the Window and they are:
1.    Office Button
2.    Quick Access Toolbar
3.    Title Bar
4.    Ribbon
5.    Ruler Bar
6.    Text Area
7.    Scroll Bar
8.    Status Bar.
Each are explained above.



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