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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Select And Edit An Object From A Group Without Ungrouping The Objects In CorelDraw X3

In CorelDraw X3, Group is a feature that bond up more than one object together, so that anything done to one object affect the others in the group. Traditionally, we know that if you want to make any changes to an object which is grouped together with other object, we need to ungroup the whole object. But not anymore.

The guide below shows you how you can select an object in a group and work with that object without ungrouping the whole object.

So to select an object which is in a group, you will:

  1. First of all, click on any object in the group to select the entire group.

  2. Next, press/hold down the Ctrl button in the your keyboard and then select the object you want from the group by clicking on it.

That is all. Once done, you can do anything with the selected object without affecting other object in the group and without removing the object from the group.

The Main Point
It is possible to select and object from a group without ungrouping the entire object. The steps above is the guide to achieving this.



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