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Friday, May 6, 2016

Say It Do Not Keep Or Conceal It

If you have a complain against someone, it is better to tell the person not too long from when the complain becomes valid than to keep/conceal it. This is because when you conceal the complain, it will start to heat up inside and then you tends to explode when it finally comes out. It is not very much encouraging at this stage because the accused will tend to draw into a defensive mode, that is trying to shield the negative effect of his/her action and possibly bringing  out the positive side (if there is any) to light.

Rather it is best to express you complain when it has heated up inside because in that way, because in that way you will be more relaxed, considerate and tactful when presenting the complain to that accused. This way the accused will be more in a good mood to see that his/her action really have a negative effect.

The Bottom Line
What we are trying to help you see is that, your mood when you are making a complain determine to a great extent if that complain will be well received or not. So do not wait until when you are agitated in a 'I cannot take it any more' mood before you make your/a complain.



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