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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

PUPs Infestation And Prevention

As you may know, PUPs are programs/software in your computer that you do not need, or you do not install directly. This does not mean that does software gain access through illegal means. Rather, there are in your computer because YOU installed a software that they are attached to. In other words, you unintentionally license them to run on your computer.

Since PUPs are additional program to the main program/software you are installing, it then means that the best way of prevention is by excluding them from being installed along with the main software you are attempting to install.

To do this you need to you need to choose the 'Custom' or 'Detailed' option rather than choosing the 'Default' installation option. Because it is only then you will be able to see the software/program the installation wizard is installing in your computer, as to whether additional program will be installed to your computer with the main program.

So when you choose the Custom or Detailed installation option, you need to pay very close attention to the option the installation wizard will be showing/presenting to you, so that you can uncheck anything the installation wizard wants to install that is not clearly related to the program/software you are installing.

The Main Point
PUP get into your computer because you install a software/program the are attached to. To prevent PUPs, you need to install the program they are attached to without installing them. This you can do by choosing the CUSTOM or DETAILED option during installation rather than DEFAULT, so that you will be able to see and stop the installation of any program/service that is unrelated to the software you are installing by unchecking the box next or before them. If you use the Default or Recommended installation option, the installation wizard will install the PUPs along with the main software/program you are installing.



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