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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Password Change_An Important Step In Retrieving Your Lost/Hacked E-mail Account.

If you notice or you feel that your e-mail account have been hacked/compromised, login and change the password. That is a very good step in ensuring that you gain back you e-mail account. When changing your password, make sure that it is a good password. Some of the criteria of a good password are:

1) Easy to remember: it will definitely not make any sense to change your email password to one you cannot easily remember. If you make the mistake of changing your e-mail password to a password you cannot easily remember, true you might no longer be in the threat of losing the e-mail account to the hacker, but you are in a threat of losing the account to no one at all.

2) Difficult to guess: while it is encouraged that you use a password you can easily remember that does not mean that you should change the password to one that the person who hacked your e-mail account can easily remember.

3) Make It Long: the longer your password the better. This is because longer password are harder to guess because longer password are usually made if multiple words unlike short password which are usually a word. Ideally, a minimum of ten (10) to twelve (12) characters is good. And most e-mail service provider support a password of that length.

The Bottom Line
If for any reason you feel that your e-mail account have been hacked or compromised, do not hesitate in changing the password, this is the first step in ensuring that you still have control over the e-mail account.



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