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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Increase The Text/Icon Of Your Windows 7 Computer Without Using Screen Resolution

As you may know, screen resolution is a setting that you can use to the content of your screen larger or smaller. But one notable disadvantage of screen resolution is that, the lower the resolution, fewer items fit on the screen, but the screen appears larger. Which means that the window of programs are greatly affected. For example the content or command icon that will show up in Microsoft Word 2007 will vary greatly when you use a lower resolution than when you use a higher resolution.

This means that screen resolution cannot make the command icon of MS Word 2007 larger without reducing the command it displays. The good news now is that, you do not need to change your screen resolution if you want to make your screen items larger. All you need do is to follow the instructions below.

  1. Open your Windows 7 Control Panel and click on Appearance and Personalization, if your Control Panel is viewed by: Category. But if the Control Panel is viewed by: Large or Small Icon, just click on Display and skip step two below.

  2. Next click on Display.

  3. In the Display screen, choose the percentage you want and click the Apply button.
Using this option will make the text, image and other icon on your screen to become larger without affecting your screen resolution. Which means that the content of your screen will appear bigger/larger even if you are using a high resolution setting which is suppose to make the content small.

The Main Point
Though higher screen resolution means that more items will fit on your screen but those items will be smaller, Windows 7 has an option that will make those items appear larger without reducing the amount of items your screen will display. The steps outline above will help you achieve that.



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