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Monday, May 2, 2016

How To Change A Folder Icon In Windows 7 PC

Typically, the icon of a folder looks similar to the image above. But Windows OS especially Windows 7 is a type of operating systems that enables to customize your computer/PC in way that is delightful to you, the user. One of this customizable services Windows 7 OS provide its user is the ability to change a folder icon to one they prefer. So if you want to change the icon of a folder in your computer/PC the computer uses Windows 7, the procedure outline below will show you how to change a folder icon to one of your choice.

The procedure that will make you be able to change a folder icon in Windows 7 computer is as follows:

  1. Select the folder you want to change the icon

  2. Right-click and click Properties on the menu that appears after you have right-clicked on the folder

  3. Next select by clicking on the Customize tab in the Properties dialogue box that appears.

  4. In the section titled Folder icons click on the Change Icon… button. In the sub-folder that appears, choose and icon from the Select an icon from the list below: or click Browse… button to choose an icon you design or download.

  5. Next click OK on the Change Icon for sub-folder.And click OK in the Properties dialogue box.

Note: When you change a folder icon, but you are not using any of the default themes of Windows 7 OS, then you will have to restart your computer before the changes can take effect.



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