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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

How To Add Hashtag To Your Facebook Post

Hashtag as you may already know is a way to bringing your Facebook post to a user who may be interested or is looking for information which is related to your post. So Facebook Hashtag is very important if your want to get the right audience. To add an Hashtag to your post do the following.

1.    Create your Post as usual, but do not click post yet

2.    Next add # in front of the word or phrase you want to use as the Hashtag topic. Example #TipsAndTicks

  • Note: Do not put a space between the harsh symbol (#) and the word. Write both together as shown in the example above.
  • Hashtag is always written as one word. So if you want to use a Phrase as an Hashtag, do not put space between the words that makeup the Hashtag, do it like the example above.
  • Also Facebook do not accept punctuation and special characters in an Hashtag. So adding them to your Hashtag will not make it work. Although you can add number to the word.
3.    You can now click post so as to publish the update/post.

Once done, your post will now the associated with an Hashtag Feed in Facebook.

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