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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

How Does Windows 7 Determine the Appropriate Network Discovery State To Assign To A Network I Sign In to.

As you know, Network Discovery is a type of network setting the determines if the other users in a network you sign into can exchange file with you. And thus, this (Network Discovery) always affects your privacy and security. The fact is, this setting though you have control over it, when you sign into a network Windows 7 automatically determines what the state of the network discovery setting should be.

This is how Windows determine the appropriate network discovery state which it will activate to suite the type of network you are sign into so as to protect you. You will notice that immediately you sign into a network, Windows 7 will ask you to choose a Network Location which include Home, Work, Public and Domain.

It is based on the Network Location you choose that Windows 7 will use to determine automatically the appropriate network discovery state to activate. For example: If you choose Home as the Network Locations you sign into, Windows will feel that since the network you sign into is your home network, then it will not be detrimental to your privacy/security to turn on network discovery of your computer. While if you choose Public Windows 7 will feel the opposite way.

The Main Point
Windows 7 uses the Network Location you choose for the network you sign into to determine the appropriate Network Discovery option to activate.



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