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Friday, May 20, 2016

Get To Know What HINTS Is In CorelDraw X3

Hints is a group in CorelDraw X3 Docker that  usually appear in the in left side of the CorelDraw X3 window before the color palette. It displays information relating to the tool you are using.

So we can say that the Hints in CorelDraw X3 is like a glossary that explain or give you a quick over view of what the tool you are using is all about, so that you can understand the different tools in CorelDraw X3. You should not confuse the Hints docker with the offline CorelDraw X3 Help.

This is because, the CorelDraw X3 offline Help gives you a comprehensive details about the CorelDraw X3 component while the Hints Docker group displays just an overview of the tool’s functionality and also some tricks about the tool. That is why a in the upper-right corner of the Hints Docker group, there is an Help button there, so that you should click on it if you need more information about that tool.



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