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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Follow Them If You Want Their Updates But Do Not Want Their Friendship

Facebook is a service we all love, and yes! Facebook really want you/us to have a very good experience while using their services. For this reason they have included a feature call Following, to their list of Facebook features.

This feature will enable you, if you start using it, to get the updates of someone who have an account with Facebook which you are interested in, but you do not want to add them as your friend in Facebook. More also, this feature can serves as a monitoring tool for you, especially parents who are interested in knowing what their child(ren) is posting to Facebook without the child(ren) know that they are being watched, (or until that care to know).

This means that those who you choose to Follow of Facebook might be aware that you are following them only if they check their followers list because by Facebook default settings, they might not receive a notification from Facebook when someone is following them.

The Main Point
Follow is a Facebook feature that will make you start to see the updates from someone you are interested in without you being their friend on Facebook. For parents, it can also serves as a monitoring tool which will help them see their child's posts without the child knowledge, since to the child, they are not friends with their parent on Facebook.

So if you want to be seeing someone’s updates, but you do not want to add them to your list of Facebook friends, then Follow the individual.



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