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Monday, August 8, 2016

Facebook Hashtag And How It Works

Facebook Hashtag is a feature that turns a word or phrase in your post into a clickable link. And anyone clicking on it will be taken to a Feeds that contains posts with the same Hashtag. Also the Facebook Hashtag helps people who are looking for information about a specific topic to easily find post that is related to their topic of interest, since when a person searches for a topic using the Hashtag in Facebook, only post with that exact Hashtag will appear in the search results Facebook will provide.

But there are something you need to know about how the Facebook Hashtag works. These things are:

  1. To use the Hashtag in your post, you will always need to add the hash symbol # in front of a word or phrase you want you post to be associated with. For example, if you want your post to be associated with a Facebook Feeds that is only for computers you will need to add #computers in the post.

  2. Also, an for an Hashtag to work, it should be written without space. For example, the Hashtag #tips and tricks will not work but #tipsandtricks will work in Facebook.

  3. Also when adding Hashtag to your post in Facebook, the word or phrase of the Hashtag should not contain any symbol or special character like ($ or %) but adding number is accepted.

  4. In Facebook, when you search for an Hashtag, only post that is shared with you or post that is shared publicly will show up in the result. For example, if you search for the Hashtag #TipsAndTricks and there is someone that made a post with the same Hashtag but the person shared the post privately that is only to his or her friends and you are not among the person's friend, Facebook will not include that person's post in the result they will show to you.

  5. And finally, as at when this article is published, Facebook says that the: "The hashtag feature isn't available to everyone right now." This means that, not every one can make use of the Hashtag feature Facebook provide in their post, but everyone can search for an hashtag.

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