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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Best Option Of Getting Rid Of Sticky PUPs In Your Computer

There are so many security software that you can use to free you computer from Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP), but the truth is, some PUPs can be really Sticky, for there is a real possibility that the unwanted software will not be completely removed from your computer. Mostly because the PUP is new and the makers security software your are using are still catch up with the tricks of the PUP.

Though this option is not very recommended, it does prove helpful most times. The option is: Restoring you computer with a recent image backup, which was done before the unwanted software (PUP) infested your computer.

Doing this will totally and completely remove ant PUP in your computer. So if you have a recent back-up of your computer which is prior to when the unwanted programs (PUP) get to your PC, simply restore you computer with that backup and they (PUP) will be completely gone.

And the fact is, your do not need any third party program to do it for you, and also you not not need to assume it will work. It works. Always.



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