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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Adding And Removing Command Groups To The Quick Access Toolbar Of Microsoft Word 2007

The Quick Access Toolbar of Microsoft Word 2007 is truly customizable. No wonder some people refers to it as ‘Customizable Quick Access Toolbar’. One of the reasons is that, you can add a or your favorite/frequently used command group from the Ribbon to the Quick Access Toolbar of Microsoft Word 2007.

For example let us suppose that you work more frequently with the commands found in the Page Background group of the Page Layout tab of the Ribbon, which include Watermark, Page Color and Page Borders. You can add the whole command group (Page Background group) to the Quick Access Toolbar so that you do not always have to be going to the Page Layout tab every time you want to make use of the command.

To add the Page Background group or any other command group to the Quick Access Toolbar do the following:

  1. Select the appropriate tab where the command group is located. In our example select the Page Layout tab.
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  2. Next right-click on the section of the group where the group name is displayed, or preferably right-click on the name of the (command) group. In our example, right-click on Page Background
  3. Finally, click on Add to Quick Access Toolbar in the menu that appear.
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Microsoft Word 2007 will use an icon to represent the group on the Quick Access Toolbar. So no matter the tab you have selected, once you click on the group icon in the Quick Access Toolbar, MS Word 2007 will display all the command in that group without changing the current tab you are in.

If you want to remove the command group from the Quick Access Toolbar, just right-click on the command group icon in the Quick Access Toolbar and select Remove from Quick Access Toolbar in the menu that appears.
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