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Saturday, May 28, 2016

A Working Program On My PC Suddenly Say It's No Longer Supported. What Does It Mean?

When a program which was and is still working starts to say that is is no longer supported, It means that the developers/author of the software is no longer providing technical support to anyone using that program on that particular/current OS of your PC. Or it means that the new update to the program is or will not be compatible with the current Operating System (OS) of your computer and the program developer/author no longer has the intention of providing update for the program to anyone who is still using it in the current OS version of your Computer.

Let us explain it with this example. Your PC is currently running Windows XP, and your web browser (Google Chrome) that was and is still working start telling you that it is no longer supported. What it is trying to tell you is that, you are stuck with that current version of Google Chrome you are using, you will not be able to update Chrome if in the future an update to Chrome becomes available.

And also, if you are having issues with Chrome, you will not get any technical support from Google who are the developer or Chrome.

The Main Point
If the working program in your computer starts to tell you that it is no longer supported, then it is trying to tell you in a nice way that you are no longer going to get updates or technical support the developer of the program, because the developers of the program has no intention of continuing to support that program on the current Operating System (OS) of your computer, but they do not want to force you to upgrade your OS, they want you to do it voluntarily. 



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