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Sunday, May 29, 2016

A Facebook Policy About Changing The Privacy Of A Group You Definitely Need To Be Aware Of

Facebook policy has it that if the members of your Facebook group is 5,000 or more, then you -the owner of the Group, or any Admin in the Group - can only change the Privacy of the Group to a more restrictive Privacy. That is, from Public to Close or Secret, or from Close to Secret. Also if an Admin to your Group change it without your approval, you will have only 24 hours from the time it was change to revert the change, or else, the group's privacy will remain restrictive forever.

This policy of Facebook implies that once the membership of your Group has gotten to 5,000 or more, then you should be very careful about changing the privacy of the Group because it might not be resettable.

So when your Group membership is or has hit that milestone, always keep an eye on the Admins of the Group so that they will not go change it without you approval.


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