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Monday, May 23, 2016

A Difference Between Facebook 'See First' Following Option And 'Close Friend'

Facebook want to show you the post that matter most to you. They are not content at showing you stories updates and posts from your friends at a random basic. For this reason Facebook offers each and every of their user the opportunity to specify what they will like to see first when they log into the Facebook account.

Two of the option that will allow you to specify what you want to see first in Facebook are:
  1. The Following Option called See First
  2. Choosing someone in Facebook as your close friend.
This two option enable you tell Facebook posts from which people matter most to you so that they will prioritize it, and show them to you first. But there is a little difference between these two option you should know of.

The difference between them is this, when you choose someone to See First the person's posts will gain priority in your Facebook News Feeds but you will not receive notification from Facebook whenever that person makes a post. While if you choose someone as your Close Friend in Facebook, Facebook will prioritize the person's posts in your News Feed and will also send you notifications whenever the person makes a post.



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