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Monday, June 20, 2016

When Facebook Ask For My Name; What Do They Really Want

Facebook is a community which millions love, and which you will possibly admire if you create an account with them. But to prevent impersonation, Facebook requires people who use their service to use their authentic identities.

This means that they require you to provide the name you use in real life; thus making their other user know who really they are connecting with, thereby making the community safe.

So when they ask you of your name, especially during signup, they will appreciate it if you do not add any of these to your name:

*     Symbols, numbers, unusual capitalization, repeating characters or punctuation
*     Characters from multiple languages
*     Titles of any kind (ex: professional, religious)
*     Words or phrases in place of a middle name
*     Offensive or suggestive words of any kind

So when Facebook ask for your name, they have in mind that you provide the name your friends call you in real life and as legal acceptable identification forms would show. This is because Facebook "Profiles are for individual use only." While Pages are "for professional personas, organizations and businesses."

Therefore, if you have a profile with Facebook, but your authentic names is not what is there, they recommend that you change it immediately. This does not mean that Facebook is rigid, for they also offer provisions whereby you can add nickname, professional name, maiden name e.t.c to your profile.
But remember when they ask for your name, they are asking for your authentic name, name is your ID preferable.

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