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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

What You Should Know Before Restoring Your PC With A System Image Backup

As you may already know, System Image is a type of backup for Windows that recreate the exact hard drive of you PC you want to backup to your backup location.  Since it recreate your hard drive the content of a System Image Backup includes the PC’s Window drivers, the Windows and its setting, the programs and files in the PC during the System Image backup.

As System Image backup does not allow you the option to specify what to backup, it does not also allow you to specify the content of the System Image to restore. This means that if you are restoring your computer with a System Image backup file, you are doing a complete restoration of your computer to the state it was when you created the System Image backup file. So all your current programs, system/window settings, and files in your computer will be replaced with the on in the System Image backup file. You cannot chose which items to restore.

So though the System Image backup is highly recommended, you should want to take into account what it involves if you are to restore your computer/PC with the System Image backup file you created, which is, you are doing a complete computer restoration. You cannot specify what to restore.

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