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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

What The MUTE Feature Of Twitter Does.

MUTE is among the many features on Twitter that can help you take control of what you see while on Twitter.

It is noticed by the Twitter team that while their service can be lovely and exciting to their user, those users (including you) most times usually come across an overwhelming list of tweet that are in no way aimed at adding flavor to your Twitter experience but those tweets just want to take away the excitement you are experiencing while using Twitter. The good news is, Mute is a tool that can/will help you take control of what you see.

So is someone bothering you with tweets that you do not admire, utilizing the Mute feature/tool prevent that person's tweets from ever getting to you. 

No matter the amount of tweets they may post just to bother you, you will see NONE!. And the good thing is, they will not even know that you have muted them. So you do not have to explain your reason for muting them (if you know them offline), since they will not know that you have taken such an action.

The Main Point
The MUTE feature/tool of Twitter let you stop seeing tweets from people you feel their tweets will not add to your delightful experience in Twitter. Thus you can focus on the more delightful tweet on Twitter.
So if there is someone whose tweets keeps bothering you, Mute is there to help. Mute them, and none of their tweets will get to you.

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