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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

What if my friend's preferred browser Does Not Support WebRTC?

Firefox Hello is great. But it raises so many questions it's user need answers to, because Mozila claim that Firefox Hello can connect it's user with their friends even if the friend is not using the same browser -Firefox.

Explaining how that connection can be possible, Mozila reveal that WebRTC technology is what will make it possible. So regardless of your friend preferred browser, has long as the browser support WebRTC technology, then you and your friend can connect together using Firefox Hello for video and voice conversation.

That is great because your friend will not be force to install Firefox if he does not feel comfortable with it. But what if the browser of your friend does not support WebRTC technology and your friend still does not feel comfortable installing supported browsers, for your friend says “I love my browser”, does this means that all hopes of connecting with that your friend via Firefox Hello is gone?

Not necessarily. All hope is not gone. The technology which Firefox Hello uses to connect you and your friend WebRTC is a free and open technology. So if your friend so much love his current browser which does not yet support WebRTC technology but still which to Firefox Hello features and do not want to install supported browser, then you should advice your friend to contact their preferred browser’s company/developer and ask them to enable their browser so as to support WebRTC technology.

You can also have him include the WebRTC project
website so as to help their browser developer/company learn more about the project and how to implement it so that the browser can support it. The official WebRTC project website is: "" without quotes.



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