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Monday, April 11, 2016

What Firefox Hello is?

Have you heard anything called Firefox Hello? Well, if you have not or if you have but you are wondering what that is, then this article will help you.

The fact is, Mozila – the developer of Firefox browser – believes that how each one use the web is unique. Thus they more focus on how they can make each of their user web experience delightful. But you may wonder, how can Firefox Hello add delight to your web usage experience.

The truth is, many things are now done on the internet. Like shopping, booking ticket and much more. Deciding on what to shop for can be more fun if you have a friend around. But you are shopping online, and during your work break time. So inviting a friend to your work place might not be a very good idea. Does this mean you can no longer shop with your friend in that situation? Far from it. Because that is what Firefox Hello does.

It connect you and your friend, to the same web page and still provide you with a way of shearing your thought with your friend either through text or through videos, so you and your friends can plan, decide and shop together even if you and your friend are not together physically.

And the more interesting thing is that, “no logins, passwords or accounts” is required. And you do not need to download any extra adds-on for this, “all you need is Firefox!.” More to that also is the fact that it is not a necessity/most that your friend should have Firefox before but of you can use this feature. You, the one initiating the invitation is the one that is required to have Firefox.

More great news about Firefox Hello. It can also serve as a free chat service and free video calling platform. Though that is not what it is design for.

Note: This feature as for now is only available to desktop or laptop Firefox users.



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