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Friday, April 15, 2016

Three (3) Tools To Help You Stay Save From Bullies And Harassment In Facebook.

Bullies and harassment are things that are that can cause one to become distressed, hence they are thing you should be cautious of,and cyber bullies and harassment are no exception.

True, too some extent we cannot see it coming, but when it happens your response to it might determine to a great extent if the bullier or harasser will continues to deploy their venom.
If you experience that through Facebook, Facebook is not happy and is not support of such act. So they provide three tools to help you deal with it, depending on how serious the situation is. The tools are outlined below.

1) Report: this is a link that is always found close to any post, photo or comments. So if for any reason you feel uncomfortable by a post or photo or comment, you could use that link to report it to Facebook.

2) Unfriend: this tool enable the control of managing who your friends are on Facebook. Remember, Only your Facebook friends can contact you through Facebook chat or post on your Timeline. So if someone is acting as a bully, Facebook recommend you Unfriend the individual.

3) Block: this tool will prevent the person from adding you as a friend on Facebook and viewing things you share on your Timeline.



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