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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Two Windows Backup Option Of Window 7

Neglecting the importance of backups is unduly. Seeing that backups are important even a necessity, Microsoft included backup feature to the Windows OS so that Windows OS user will not need to depend on a third party software to carryout a backup.

When setting up a Window Backup in Window 7 however, you will be prompt with two options. This option is what will determine what you want to backup. This article focuses on enlightening you on what the two option does so you can decide which to choose.

The two options that will be prompted to you are (1) Let Windows choose, and (2) Let me choose.
If you select the Let Windows Choose option, which is the recommended option, Windows will backup only backup what is saved in your libraries, on the desktop, and in the default Windows folders, for all the different User account which uses the computer/PC you are running the backup on. And if there is enough space in the drive you are using for the backup Windows will include a System Image backup.

While if you select the Let me choose option, you be asked to select the libraries and folders you want to backup. Including a System Image in the backup will be a choice you will also have to make and not because the drive you are using for the backup has enough space.

This article is based on an experiment carried out on a computer running Windows 7, this does not mean that the feature explain in this article will not apply to other Windows version. It can/will.

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