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Friday, April 15, 2016

The Difference Between The COUNT and COUNTA Function Of Microsoft Excel

As you may know, Excel Function are Formula are already defined and stored in Excel. But the Count and Counta function can be sometimes confusing because they are both  used for counting cell.

This does not mean that they do not have their unique differences. To illustrate, we know that a pen brush and a color pen can both be use for coloring, but there is definitely going to be a time when one of them can only be use in coloring, probably because of the shape being colored. Same is true with the Count and Counta Function Of Microsoft Excel.

So what is their unique distinction? 

True, the Count Function is use for counting the number of cell with values in them, the fact is this function only count cell which as number in them, any cell which does not have number in them will not be included in the result it gives.
While Counta Function count all cells which have data in them whether the data in the cell is number symbol or alphabet, the Counta Function count them all.

Note: Both functions (Count and Counta) do not count the number of data in a cell, what they count are cells which have data in them, that is cell which are not empty. Count Function count cell with number only while Counta count all cell that is not empty.



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