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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Not All Star Icon/Design Is Displaying

We suppose that everyone reading this article probably is aware of the fact that there are different star icon in gmail, and that they know how to activate those several star icon. But there is still a problem: not all the star icon is functional.

Before will talk about the solution, let us look at an underlining factor that might cause the problem. For practicality, let us assume a Gmail user calls the Gmail help line to make this complain.

Gmail help line: Gmail help  line service, good day, how can we help you?
Gmail user: I have problem with gmail star feature

Gmail help line: What is the problem, sir

Gmail user: Not all the star icon is function, I mean only the yellow star icon is displaying when I want to apply star

Gmail help line: Have you activated the different star icon?

Gmail user: Yes I have

Gmail help line: When you want to activate the several star icon, you went to the gmail stetting which is found in the list of option in the gear icon

Gmail user: Yes

Gmail help line: In the general tab of the stetting you scroll down to locate the star section

Gmail user: Yes

Gmail help line: Did you drag and drop stars which are in "not in use" to "in use"?

Gmail user: Yes, i did all that.

Gmail help line: After you drag the star to in use, what else did you do?

Gmail user: I went back to my inbox and tried to apply the star and its not working

Gmail help line: Ok i see the problem now

Gmail user: What problem

Gmail help line: You did not save the changes you made in the star section of the stetting.

Gmail user: How do you mean?

Gmail help line: Please go back to the stetting

Gmail user: Ok

Gmail help line: And after you finish dragging the star icon that is not in use to in use, please scroll down and click ok. Then try reapplying it.

Gmail user: Alright

Gmail help line: Please remember that to apply the new star designs, you need to click the star icon repeatedly until you see the star you want to use.

Gmail user: Ok.

Gmail help line: Thank you for choosing gmail, do have a pleasant day.

Gmail user: Thanks for helping out.

Note: this is not an actual conversation. It was just formulated to help understand what might the the cause of the problem.



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