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Friday, April 29, 2016

Network Discovery_ A Sharing Option That Affect Your Security (Privacy)

As you may already know, a Network refers to the different computers or devices connected together to share information. So adding discovery to the term network, now refers to a network setting that determine whether you computer can find and share data with other computer and devices on a network and whether other computers on a network can find and share data with your computer.

This setting is very crucial to your privacy and security because nobody will think of installing malwares to a computer they do not know exist. But the fact is, when you connect to a network, it means that you can see other computers and other computer user on the network can also see yours and also gain access to your computer data/files, if you turn on your Network Discover option.

So before you connect to a network you do not know, or better still, before you connect to a free Wi-Fi that you see, know that once you are connected, other people in that network can see your computer if they care to check, and also that if you turn on your network discovery, they will not only see that you are connect to the network, but will be able to access your computers data without your consent (especially your shared data).

The Main Point
Once you connect to a network, other people in that network can see your computer. So do not think that if you are connected to a free Wi-Fi network, you are free from attack, because when you connect to them, your computer becomes discoverable in the network you connect to, more also, when you turn on you Network Discovery option, your shared files can be accessed by other computer users on the network without your consent, so Network Discovery have a great effect on your privacy and security.



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