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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

My Security System Is Not Detecting Keylogger. Is It Faulty?

A keylogger as the name implies, is a piece of software/program that keep track of all your keyboard strokes and sometimes the running program that the keyboard stroke was made in.
Most “bad guy” (hackers) use this program (Keylogger) for their illegal purpose majorly for getting your password. Since keyloggers can be potentially dangerous to your privacy this does not mean that if your security systems (probably your antivirus or antimalware) is not detecting it then your security system is faulty.

Most times, Keylogger software do not function as a malware, because they are legitimate use of this program. For example: a parent can install the program in their child’s computer to keep track of their child’s activity. In this case the Keylogger is not a bad program, right?

The fact is that, any Keylogger that show up in your system tray will not necessarily be classified as a malware by your security system. This is because when a Keylogger or any other program is rather open about what it is doing and easily visible, then your security system will not consider that piece of software as a treat.

So installing a Keylogger into your system and then running a thorough scan to check if your security system is really reliable might not be the best of option. Because if the Keylogger is showing up in your system tray, then the Keylogger is not behaving like a malware, so if your security system did not detect it as malware, do not be surprise.

Note: In this article, we use the term 'Security System' as a general term for Antivirus, Antimalware, and programs with similar functionality.



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